Night Photography by David Baldwin



Avebury's Zenith-Seeking Statues

Those who deny the existence of artistic carvings at Avebury would say that any lithic features resembling human or animal faces were mere accidents of nature, meaningless noise in the stones, mistakenly assembled into Rorschach shapes due to the human brain's inherent need to impose patterns on whatever it sees.

Of course, if this were to be correct we would expect to "see" random faces, with no consistency of appearance as accident cannot reliably replicate similar design.   Therefore if the faces could be showed to display consistently repeated features then we would have proved their artificiality, that they were created by people.

Throughout Avebury there are several faces that look straight up (to the zenith), appearing on a range of monoliths from one at the 5600 year old West Kennet Long Barrow, to one at the very centre of the main henge atop Cove Stone II.   Look at the gallery below, I have made thumbnails culled from the larger photographs of my main Avebury Project.   Decide for yourself if it is at all plausible that these faces are mere accidents due to natural features inherent in the stones, or whether they are art!


Type 1:   Type 2:



I am amazed by the consistency between the Type 1 and Type 2 faces above, even down to the obsessive depiction of the temporal bones.   This is a unified, intended artistic style, and Avebury should be world famous for its incredible art, not just its scale and antiquity.

Type 3:
Type 3 represents a distinct class of suspected zenith-seeker.   I believe that the photo above shows an animal faced zenith-seeker, probably a snake or possibly a fish.   

I suspect there may be other styles of zenith-seekers at Avebury, for example there is possibly a striking triangular faced example atop the east face of the Avenue's Stone 25b (that I have not yet had the chance to photograph!).