Night Photography by David Baldwin



Avebury Notes

What I Discovered At Avebury

The Art Of The Monoliths

Toolmarks On The Sarsens

Paired Beaked and Block Faces - The Spirits Of Avebury United?

Repeated Instances Of Beaked Animal Faces At West Kennet Long Barrow

Repeated Instances Of Block Faces At Avebury

The Avebury Zenith-Seekers

The Avebury Equator-Seekers

Two Carvings, One Sculptor?

The Three Ladies Of Stone 35a

Avebury Cattle

The Avebury Hares

In Life, In Death - The Eyes Of The Monoliths

Avebury Faces Wearing Caps Or Hoods

The Avebury Skulls

The Avebury Vulvas

The Stone Birds Of Avebury

Recursive Faces At Avebury

The Pointed/Beaked Faces

The Lost Ceremony Of Silbury Hill

Stone Portraits Of The High Priest and Priestess of Avebury?

Quotations About Avebury

Dr Burl - A Critique

Two Suggestions

The Purposes Of Avebury

Photographer's Statement