Stone 13b, West Kennet Avenue - September 2021           

Cf Di Pattison's "Avebury's Stones" CD p 28.4.html

Obviously a most complex monolith. See explanatory notes below main photograph



The image on the left shows possibly is the most striking face on this side of the stone, in fact it is so strong you can see it from several metres away on a sunny day. I have already made a closeup image of this brooding, powerfully carved character, and you can see this image by clicking here.


The images below are rotated crops from the main image above.:

(i) You can clearly see that Face A is an equator-seeking face (which gazes high into the sky to the south). Its worth noting that this is not the only monolith at Avebury displaying this particular block faced character - for details of other such faces click here.

Another interesting point is that Face A is looking up into the same region of the southern sky as a more pointed face on neighbouring
Stone 13a. This means that these stones are not just geographically linked by being physically paired in the line of the Avenue, but they are also sculpturally/thematically paired.

(ii) Face B below is revealed to be a spectacular zenith-seeking face! - a real corker! Click here to see other examples of zenith-seekers at Avebury. Face B could also be seen as a member of a group of statues depicting the same beaked faced god, click here for details.


Face A

Face B



Image copyright David Baldwin Night Photography