Peper Harow Plain (2000)


Image copyright David Baldwin Night Photography


Both this image and Peper Harow Plain 2002 are really for my father, even though he died back in 1991.

When I was a schoolboy I used to visit home on Sundays.   My Dad used to drive me back to school just after 8 o'clock because roll call was about 9 pm.  We used to drive eastwards on the Elstead Road across Peper Harow Plain .  Both the 2000 and 2002 trees were set back from this road on the right hand side.  I never saw them at the time, but later when I decided that I wanted to commemorate those drives I returned to explore the area better and found them then.   I like to look at this Peper Harow Plain 2000 image and consider that our car headlights would have illuminated the tree in the same way.