Peperharow Plain (2000)


Image copyright David Baldwin Night Photography


Both this image and Peperharow Plain 2002 are really for my father, even though he died back in 1991.

When I was a schoolboy I used to visit home on Sundays.   My Dad used to drive me back to school just after 8 o'clock because roll call was about 9 pm.  We used to drive eastwards on the Elstead Road across Peperharow Plain .  Both the 2000 and 2002 trees were set back from this road on the right hand side.  I never saw them at the time, but later when I decided that I wanted to commemorate those drives I returned to explore the area better and found them then.   I like to look at this Peperharow Plain 2000 image and consider that our car headlights would have illuminated the tree in the same way.