Night Photography by David Baldwin



Charterhouse - How I started night photography [1981-83]


I became interested in night photography as a schoolboy and by accident. I was very interested in astronomy and remember taking a photograph of Cassiopeia rising over a group of trees in our garden, purely as a record shot. When the film came back from the lab the trees came out orange because of street lighting and I couldn't believe the effect! My school's art department was very imaginatively run and really encouraged my photography (click here for a photo of my first camera outfit). I basically spent all my free time for the next two years either looking at the night sky or taking photographs. Even today the smell of hypo (fixer) instantly takes me back to the Studio darkroom.   At the time I was also really lucky to have access to a good observatory.

I have resurrected seven favourite shots from that time at Charterhouse (1981-83), these images have basically spent two decades in a drawer. Looking at them now it seems like they were taken by somebody else, so much time has gone by, but I confess they still give me pleasure.

I returned to photograph the school in 1991 but felt held back by the limitations of film, particularly as I wanted to show the stars as points of light.   On this visit therefore I only had
partial success, but was eventually able to return with digital equipment years later.


Buckingham - Student photography in a small town [1984-86]