Stone 98, Southern Entrance, South-East Quadrant (April 2023)

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Stone 98 used to mark the southern entrance to the main henge. The figure below shows how this monolith incorporates a massive "block" face looking up into the sky. Interestingly I can now prove photographically that both this southern entrance shown here and the northern entrance to the henge displayed such heads. The other block head is on the Swindon Diamond stone at the north entrance, visible here.



The immense scale and skill involved in caring this enormous face suggests that it represents a particularly important Avebury spirit or character, a figure that is reproduced again and again, both in the main stone circle and in the Avenue - click on the image to the right for more information  >>



I unexpectedly found other (really quite eerie) faces on this stone, I have set images of these below, the top two are carvings, the lower may be natural, or may be artificial:





Image copyright David Baldwin Night Photography