Beckhampton Cove - (July 2018)        

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Three Faces On The North Facing Side Of The Beckhampton Cove Stone

This north side of the sole surviving Beckhampton Cove Stone seethes with natural detail. Amongst this "noise" I seem to catch glimpses of numerous weird faces.   I cannot decide for certain if these obscure characters are mere simulacra or are the result of deliberate carving, but I tend to believe they are in fact intended artistic sculptures because they are all looking in exactly the same direction (East).

If the Beckhampton Cove was used in funerary ceremonies it would be entirely reasonable for it to display carvings of living/dead/mythological characters gazing towards the rising sun, a symbol of hope and rebirth. 


The Faces

Left Profile Dead Face:  


Left Profile Living Face:



Left Profile Mythological Character(Below, left):

(The mythological face at Beckhampton Cove reminds me strongly of a carving on the west face of Avebury's main Cove Stone II, latter stone shown below, right:)



Image copyright David Baldwin Night Photography