Man In The Crescent Moon, Stone 36A, West Kennet Avenue - (January 2018)        

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Three Faces On The Eastern Side of Stone 36a West Kennet Avenue


The eastern side of Stone 36a is deeply intriguing.   My photograph shows three clear heads on it which I have extracted and show above.  The most obvious of these carvings (set out above left) shows a clear sytlized face, looking up towards the southern sky (I especially appreciate the eye, nose and chin).   In my classification a face oriented this way would make this stone an
equator-seeker, a statue designed to look up in the general direction of the southernmost celestial equator (click here to learn more about these equator-seeking faces). Furthermore as this face has a subtle but definite curved edge it might be interpreted as being lunar or crescent, perhaps designed to watch for the moment the moon crosses the meridian?

The other two faces are placed on the extreme northern edge of the stone, and are simple faces with noses and eye sockets.   Almost ghostly in their simplicity.


Image copyright David Baldwin Night Photography